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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Google Map – How to Use Google to Find Your Destination

Google Map – How to Use Google to Find Your Destination

 What is Google Maps and how to use Google Maps. If you also want to know this, take it from the beginning and read this article. Today I will tell you about Google Maps. So let's get started.

Always we go a long way somewhere and forget the way, then we have to ask people the way, but some say right and some say wrong, which causes us harm and also wastes our time. In this case, Google Maps is used. Those who now know briefly what Google Map is and how to do it

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a kind of software that is available for all Android, Mac, Windows. With the help of this you can search for roads, shops, petrol pumps etc.

You can set your destination from your location in Google Maps. And it also tells you how long it will take you to hunt to your destination.

What is Google Map Google Map has been updated a lot these days. If you open the map, the color of the road changes according to the traffic in it. From which you can guess. How popular are Google Maps these days?

In this, if you want to add a place or a house, you can also add it, about which I will tell you through this article.

How to use Google Maps?

So you must know what Google Map is, what it is. Google Maps is very easy to use. So let's learn how to use Google Maps now.

Launch Google Maps
To use Google Maps, first open Google Maps.

Find a place in Google Maps
You will now see a search bar at the top, from where you can find any location and find its way in the map.

For example, if I want to see the route from your location to Delhi, search there.

Time and distance on Google Map
When you click on the search bar, the Google Map navigation will open on your screen. There you will see that whatever place you have entered, how long will it take you to get there?

Preview in Google Maps
You will see a button to the right of friends called the preview button. When you click on it, the map will tell you the way forward and it will also tell you by word of mouth.

Wheeler mode in Google Maps
Now, friends, you all know that Google Maps has been updated. After selecting the location, you will be confronted with the Wheeler option, which will also tell you how long it will take you to reach your destination by selecting 2 Wheeler or Car etc.

How to add a missing place in Google Maps
If you also want to add a place or house or shop etc. in Google Map, you can add missing space by following these steps.

Open Google Map
To add a missing location, you must first open Google Map. So first open Google Map.

You will now see the menu option at the top. You have to click there.
Add missing location
Now friends, after clicking on the menu, you will see a missing location. You have to click on Add A Missing Place.

Download Application

Add missing location

  • Name - Now you have to type the name of the space you want to add.
  • Address - Now you have to type the address
  • Mark on the map - Now mark whatever location you add to the map.
  • Select Category - Now add a category to whatever the ad place is
  • Add Hour - Now add the hour of the place you added
  • Phone Number - Now you can add a phone number if you want
  • Website - Now if there is an ad place website then friends you can also add website
  • Add Photos - Now you can also add photos to the Add Location.
    The next option
  • Now friends you have to click on Next. Clicking there will add your location.

It can also take 0-24 hours for your location to go live.

Set Hindi language on Google Map

I am also going to tell you how to make Hindi language in Google Maps, but you are not only Hindi, you can apply any other language in it.

  • Open Google Map - Now you need to open Google Map
  • Click on the menu button - Now you will see the menu button above, click there
  • Language Button - Now you will see the language button, you have to click there.
  • Choose a language - Now you have to choose the language of your choice
  • You can change your language by following this.